prayerchainWillow Creek Presbyterian Church Prayer Chain was originated in December 1987, and the congregation has faithfully participated in the experience of the power of prayer for 25 years. 

We are confident God hears and answers prayers and that each recipient experiences God’s love, nearness, healing, comfort, peace, encouragement, and protection. 

Prayer requests are not limited to our church family – they are for everyone.  We invite you to become an important link in the Prayer Chain. 

E-mail makes being a part of the Prayer Chain very easy.  This originates with Delores Hall, the Church Office, or Kim Reid in Delores’ absence.  This makes it very easy to deliver the message.  It is done with one e-mail, and the recipient opens it at his or her convenience. 

For prayer requests or to become a link, contact:

Church Office:
Delores Hall:
Kim Reid:
1-815-885-3604 or