Argyle Preschool

Although our themes and activities vary each year, below is a quick recap of our activities last year as an idea of the fun and learning that takes place at Preschool!

August/September — We’re Off to a Great Start
This month we’ve been learning about the rules and routines in our classroom; how to be a good friend; primary & secondary colors; and the life cycle of an apple.  We also played with our very own Magic Playdoh; made Monkey Manners Trail Mix; and made our own applesauce in a crock pot.  As if that’s not enough, we also worked on the letters M, F, A and C; the numbers 0/1/2, the color red and the square.  Preschool is a very busy place!
October was Spook-Tacular!
This month we: played with primary colors to make secondary colors; had a special visit from North Boone Fire District #3; we learned about the pumpkin life cycle; and then finished off the month with a fun field trip to The Pumpkin Patch!  Whew! We’ve also been reviewing the letters B, H, and J; the numbers 3/4/5, the color orange and the square. If you haven’t already, “Like” us on Facebook to see all of our pictures and projects.
November was Dino-Rific!
Preschool was taken over by dinosaurs this month!  In November we: voted on our favorite dinosaurs; created an entire hallway of dinosaur projects; saw a volcano erupt in our classroom; made our own fossils; and even visited the Burpee Museum of Natural History for a fact-filled field trip.  To finish up our month, we learned about the Pilgrims, why we celebrate Thanksgiving, and even made a special Blessings Mix for snack which related to the story of the first Thanksgiving.  Wow…we’ve been busy! We also reviewed the letters D and E; the numbers 6/7/8, the color brown and the triangle.  As if that weren’t enough, the MWF Class also learned a few more safari sight words, which brings our current list to: is, a, I, see, like, the, red, orange, and brown.
December was Holly Jolly
We just wrapped up another month at school…it’s amazing how quickly time seems to fly by!  In December we: discussed what kindness was and shared our Kisses of Kindness with those who were kind to us; made an ornament every day of school to decorate our classroom tree; and celebrated Christmas with a day of special activities. What a holly jolly month! We also reviewed the letters K and W; the numbers 9/10/11; the color yellow and the star.  Skills we practice on a daily basis continue to include writing our first names (older friends are working on first and last names), learning our letters and sounds, counting, and recognizing patterns.  Skills we practice every day that are even *more* important include sharing, listening, taking turns, following directions, and getting along with others.
January was a Winter Wonderland
It was cold outside, but we didn’t mind…we were busy learning!  In addition to learning about Polar Pals, we also reviewed the letters R, G and Z; the numbers 12/13/14; the color white and the rectangle.  With an infusion of fun papers, crazy scissors, and hundreds of stickers at the writing table, we are even more excited to practice our letters and numbers! January ended with a journey into space as we learned about our Solar System. It was truly “out of this world!”  
February was a Healthy Dose of Love
This has been a very busy month here at preschool!  In February our focus was being healthy.  First, we learned how getting plenty of sleep helps our body grow big and strong…and even had a Pajama Day!  We wore pajamas to school, set up tents, and told silly stories by the light of glow sticks.  Then in honor of February being Dental Health Month, we focused our attention on our totally terrific teeth.  We brainstormed things that we could do to keep our teeth healthy and with a little help, came up with a great list: eat good foods, brush/floss every day, and visit the dentist.  Continuing our healthy focus, we learned about keeping our bodies active and muscles strong with exercise.  Not only did we learn a few fun facts about our muscles, but Mrs. Konen treated us to a day of jumping and bouncing fun at Monkey Joes in Rockford. Then to wrap up our month long investigation of healthy habits, we took a look at healthy foods and how they work together with our other healthy habits (sleep, exercise, hygiene) to keep our bodies running in tip-top condition.  In addition to all of this healthy fun, we also shared the love with our friends by distributing Valentine’s Day goodies to each other; reviewed the letters T, P, X and N; the numbers 15/16/17, the color pink and the heart.  Wow…what a lovely month!!
March was Full of Luck!
Another fun month here at preschool!  In March we were very busy…we: started the month with a Dr. Seuss author’s study and a fun look at opposites, onomatopoeias (sound words), rhyming, tongue twisters, and everything in-between.  We investigated weather/seasonal changes and looked for the many signs of Spring; celebrated Topsy Turvy Tuesday and Wacky Wednesday enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock search and even found some leprechaun gold that was good enough to eat.   We reviewed the letters O, Y, S, and U; the numbers 18/19/20; the color green and the diamond.  Whew!
April was a Hopping Good Time
After a much needed Spring Break, we’re back and raring to go!  In April we continued the hard work of learning…we reviewed the color blue and the oval; reviewed the letters Q, I, V, and L; reviewed the numbers 0-20; worked on writing the numbers 0-5; and the older kids started working on writing of their phone numbers (along with first and last names) during morning sign-in. 
The highlight of our month, however, was our very special Easter Egg Hunt!  We created a colorful egg with stickers; made a beautiful spring flower; crafted a fuzzy friend magnet; used kool-aid to dye our very own eggs; made a fun bunny mask; and finally we searched high and low for the hundreds of plastic eggs our grown-ups had hidden.  Definitely a morning of giggles and hopping good fun! 
May…That’s a Wrap!
We wrapped up our school year together with several fun activities and events during May…

  • Caterpillar Excitement — we watched as our caterpillars almost tripled in size before retreating into chrysalis form…and a short time later we were surprised with several butterflies!  The final duty of the outgoing Pre-K class was to release our new winged friends to begin the life cycle all over again.
  • Learning Fun – we also finished up and reviewed the alphabet; reviewed the color purple and the hexagon; reviewed the numbers 0-20; and practiced writing the numbers 0-10…whew!
  • Mother’s Day — we put the finishing touches on our special projects for mom
  • Father’s Day – not to be left out, we also wrapped up our special project for dad
  • Popsicle Party — we ended the year with a “Fun in the Sun” day, and enjoyed a cool treat.
  • Big Year-End Music Show — for our annual performance, we said “goodbye” to the year with a few songs up on the big stage in front of our friends and families – we were AMAZING!

Our school year is now over, but the memories will live on.  A big thank you to everyone for a wonderful year…I still can’t believe it’s already over.  Good luck to our friends moving up to Kindergarten (you’ll do an amazing job); goodbye to our friends moving on to other programs (we’ll miss you); and we’ll see our returning friends in the Fall (I can’t wait).  I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!